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Iraq Reopens the Baghdad Museum

The Iraqi National Museum was reopened today, 12 years after it was looted in the wake of the U.S. invasion. Today’s opening came as a response to ISIS’s destruction of antiquities in the Mosul Museum, many of which were priceless Assyrian … Continue reading

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Syria’s Monuments Men

The civil war in Syria has unleashed looting on an epic scale there, and the rise of ISIS has only made the situation worse (and extended it to northern Iraq). After oil, looted antiquities are now the largest source of … Continue reading

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The Thessaloniki Metro and the Late Antique City

Update (04/30/13): a majority of the finds will be preserved in situ. In the course of ongoing metro works in Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki, workers uncovered something extraordinary: the commercial heart of late antique Thessaloniki. More specifically, they found the … Continue reading

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Anastasioupolis: A Lost Byzantine City in Need of a Conservation Program

Well, not lost entirely; I found it, after all. But it certainly feels that way. I had the chance to visit it a couple of weeks ago while traveling through northern Greece. We couldn’t find it on our first attempt. … Continue reading

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