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Στον Πειραιά Συννέφιασε

Mitsakis, 1960. This is a very nice version from Melbourne, where rebetika is alive and well. Καλή Πρωτομαγιά! Στον Πειραιά συννέφιασε και στην Αθήνα βρέχει άλλος αγάπη έχασε κι άλλος αγάπη έχει Ανάβω το τσιγάρο μου και η βροχή το … Continue reading

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The inimitable luthier, Panayiotis Kafetzopoulos, now has a Facebook page, where he is posting photos and videos of his unique and beautiful instruments. I encourage you to take a look–these are really exceptional instruments. Here’s a preview, featuring a basobouzouki … Continue reading

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Yiovan Tsaous Tabouras

Here, Stavros Kourousis, author of From Tabouras to Bouzouki, plays one of Tsaous’ actual instruments–the larger tabouras (he also played a smaller tzouras). As Kourousis notes, Tsaous recorded Diamanto Alaniara, Blamissa, Se mia Mikroula, and Yelasmenos with this instrument. It sounds … Continue reading

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The Sound of a Pre-War Bouzouki

From 1911, to be precise. I stumbled upon this video on YouTube tonight and thought–what a sound! That guy’s bouzouki sounds just like the pre-war bouzoukia. Turns out, it is a pre-war bouzouki, made by Karambas in 1911 in NYC. … Continue reading

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Yedikule Prison, Cultural Diplomacy, and the Revival of Rebetika in Turkey

In the course of a random internet search, I came across an article on the revival of rebetika in Turkey. It piqued my interest because I know a few Turks who are, indeed, very interested in rebetika–they even have a … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Thessaloniki and a Few Songs

My wife and I have just finished up our week long visit to Thessaloniki. The city is fantastic on a number of levels, and to my mind it’s a wonderful palimpsest—an ideal example of this blog’s inspiration. It comes at … Continue reading

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A Roza Eskenazi Tribute Concert in Greek, Turkish, and Ladino

Last Tuesday I went to a tribute concert for Roza Eskenazi at the Badminton Theater in Athens. Roza Eszkenazi was born to Sephardic Jewish parents as Sarah Skinazi in Constantinople sometime in the mid-1890s (the date is not certain). Her … Continue reading

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