The Collapse of the Greek Healthcare System

Patients who should live are dying.” Perhaps there is no better way to summarize the effects of 7 years of unrelenting austerity than the above quote. The numbers:

“Since 2009, per capita spending on public health has been cut by nearly a third – more than €5bn (£4.3bn) – according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. By 2014, public expenditure had fallen to 4.7% of GDP, from a pre-crisis high of 9.9%. More than 25,000 staff have been laid off, with supplies so scarce that hospitals often run out of medicines, gloves, gauze and sheets.”

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1 Response to The Collapse of the Greek Healthcare System

  1. This is horrendous. Greece is being turned into a third world country.
    Generally I support the EU – I live in a country which, like yours, seems to have gone completely mad and in choosing Brexit has taken the suicidal decision to turn its back on Europe and pursue some mad phantom of nationalism – but I find the constant punishment beating that it applies to the Greek financial situation unbearable. Your stats show what this means for the lives of ordinary people.

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