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Yedikule Prison, Cultural Diplomacy, and the Revival of Rebetika in Turkey

In the course of a random internet search, I came across an article on the revival of rebetika in Turkey. It piqued my interest because I know a few Turks who are, indeed, very interested in rebetika–they even have a … Continue reading

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Traveling to Turkey? Some advice from Charles Fellows, 1838

“Hoping that my friends shall be induced to visit this interesting country, I shall give a few hints as to the machinery of traveling, which may be found of use to them. A tent is a first requisite, the old … Continue reading

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Nation Building and Baths: A Comparison between the Finnish Sauna and Ottoman Hammam

Today I want to talk a bit about how the Finnish sauna and Ottoman hammam were used (and abused) in the course of nationalist programs in Finland in the 19th century and Turkey in the early twentieth century. By the … Continue reading

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