Greek Luthiers

Luthiers in Greece:

A master list of Greek luthiers (in Greek) organized by region.

And another list (for trichordo) at this blog.

Dimitris Rapakousios, one of Greece’s finest luthiers. He specializes in old-style, pre-war bouzoukia, though he also makes other instruments (ouds, e.g.). You can listen to his instruments on his YouTube channel. In fact, here you can listen to the excellent baglamas which he made for me.

Christos Spourdalakis. The site contains complete information about his methods and much more. You can listen to his wonderful pre-war trichord bouzoukia and miso-bouzoukia on his YouTube page. His instruments are extraordinary creations–you simply must play one to understand the full scope of it.

Isidoros and Andreas Papadamou (Thessaloniki). This father-son luthier workshop makes some very interesting hybrid instruments and other, more idiosyncratic ones. Check out their Yiovan Tsaous tabouro-bouzouki and bouzoukomana.

Panayiotis Kafetzopoulos. 54 Zoodochou Pigis, Exarcheia. He’s one of Greece’s master luthiers – and he makes one-of-a-kind instruments. Here’s an interview with him at his workshop and another with a range of photos of his unique instruments. He maintains a Facebook page.

Tasos Katsifis. He makes bouzoukia for many professional musicians in Greece and has lots of instruments for sale at any given time at his shop.

The blog of Nikos Fronimopoulos. In Greek, but great pics of the process of restoring instruments or creating new ones.

George Karellas. Check out his tzourades.

Kostas Dekavalas. One of Thessaloniki’s best luthiers.

Tasos Theodorakis. Some swanky instruments here.

Matsikas. Something of a luthier “factory,” operating out of Mesolongi. But the instruments are well made and affordable. Here’s a video presentation of their manufacturing process.


3 Responses to Greek Luthiers

  1. Willy Jacquet says:

    je recherche un bouzouki six (6) cordes .Je suis en France

  2. Beyer says:

    Je voudrai acheter un bouzouki 8 cordes professionnel (Gaucher) à un luthier Grec à Athènes pouvez vous me donner 2 ou 3 adresses ? d’avance merci.

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