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Yedikule Prison, Cultural Diplomacy, and the Revival of Rebetika in Turkey

In the course of a random internet search, I came across an article on the revival of rebetika in Turkey. It piqued my interest because I know a few Turks who are, indeed, very interested in rebetika–they even have a … Continue reading

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The Sephardic Jews of Thessaloniki

For a majority of the Ottoman period Sephardic Jews constituted Salonika’s largest demographic. They arrived in the city in the later 15th century after their expulsion from Spain and quickly became a major economic and cultural force in the city. … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Thessaloniki and a Few Songs

My wife and I have just finished up our week long visit to Thessaloniki. The city is fantastic on a number of levels, and to my mind it’s a wonderful palimpsest—an ideal example of this blog’s inspiration. It comes at … Continue reading

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Mustafa Kemal’s House, Atatürk’s Monument

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a tour of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s home here in Thessaloniki. For those that might not know, he’s the founder of the modern Turkish state and “kind of a big deal,” as they say. … Continue reading

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