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Yedikule Prison, Cultural Diplomacy, and the Revival of Rebetika in Turkey

In the course of a random internet search, I came across an article on the revival of rebetika in Turkey. It piqued my interest because I know a few Turks who are, indeed, very interested in rebetika–they even have a … Continue reading

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News and Notes

One family’s experience with the Greek depression. Greek entries in the Berlin film festival focus on the cultural, psychological, and interpersonal effects of the crisis. On migration, detention, the broken Greek asylum system and one man’s life within this environment. … Continue reading

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The Hellenic Relief Foundation

The Hellenic Relief Foundation has been operating for about a year (their first visit to Greece was in February 2012, it seems, for food delivery). The Foundation is focusing on health and nutritional needs. And, yes, in case you’re in … Continue reading

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News and Notes

You should certainly read this cool story on the popularity of Turkish soap operas in Greece and some reactions to the phenomenon. A neat vignette of Ikaria, where people live a really, really long time. Farmers are blocking roads throughout Greece to protest … Continue reading

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Historic Photos

I recently found an interesting group that makes available a large cache of historic photos of Greece. Now, these great historic photos pop up in my Facebook feed regularly. Here are two samples: Athens, the Acropolis, 1870 – with a … Continue reading

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Mark Mazower on Political Extremes in Greece

For anyone who might be interested, prominent historian of modern Greece Mark Mazower will lecture on, “A New Age of Extremes? Historical Reflections on the Politics of the Present Crisis,” at noon on February 12 (EST) from Athens: “Gennadius Library … Continue reading

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News and Notes

Greece remains a reasonably common topic in the media because of the ongoing crisis there. Most of this news is, frankly, depressing–the economy has collapsed (26% unemployment), access to basic health care has been curtailed (or eliminated entirely for some), … Continue reading

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