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The Falero Cemetery

Here’s a good blog post about its discovery and some of the implications involved: “Sensationalising archaeological finds in pursuit of funding, access or political favour, however tempting, is a risky strategy – as we have noted previously in the case of Amphipolis. … Continue reading

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Historic Photos

I recently found an interesting group that makes available a large cache of historic photos of Greece. Now, these great historic photos pop up in my Facebook feed regularly. Here are two samples: Athens, the Acropolis, 1870 – with a … Continue reading

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Nero’s Parthenon

On Friday I joined the regular program for its half day trip to the Parthenon, which includes the opportunity to go inside the monument. I was mainly interested in doing so because it’s the only way to see the few … Continue reading

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Day Two of the General Strike in Greece (October 20): Notes and Photos

Today was the second day of the 48 hour general strike in Greece. Yesterday I made it to the center only after the violence had started. Today I decided to go early and observe the protests during their peaceful phase. … Continue reading

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Day One of the General Strike in Greece (October 19): Links and Photos

Today was the first day of a two day general strike in Greece. The protests are aimed squarely at the new round of austerity measures set to pass parliament tomorrow (details on these measures here). The labor-reserve pool and modifications to Greece’s … Continue reading

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An Evening at Herod’s Theater

Last Friday my wife and I went to a performance of Aristophanes’ Peace at the Herod Atticus theater on the slopes of the Acropolis. The play is one of the last in this year’s Athens-Epidaurus festival series. The Herod Atticus … Continue reading

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