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Economic Crisis and Social Unrest in Greece, a lecture by Professor Stathis Kalyvas, Yale University

Two weeks ago I attended a lecture on “Economic Crisis and Social Unrest in Greece and Europe,” given by Prof. Stathis Kalyvas of Yale University. It was an excellent talk. It was refreshing to listen to such an accomplished academic … Continue reading

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Ζήτω Η Ελλάς!

Happy Independence Day from sunny Athens. C.P. Cavafy, “In a Great Hellenic Colony, 200 BCE,” 1928 (trans. S. Haviaras) That things in the colony aren’t going so well, there’s no doubt about it, as anyone can tell, and while it’s … Continue reading

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Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition – The Red Monastery in Egypt

From March 14 until July 8 the MET‘s exhibit, “Byzantium and Islam: Age of Transition,” will be on display: “As the seventh century began, vast territories extending from Syria to Egypt and across North Africa were ruled by the Byzantine … Continue reading

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Tourism in Troy during the Roman Empire

Readers of this blog (and, surprisingly, my stats page tells me there still are a few of you, despite my minimal posting over the last few months) are likely familiar with Christian tourism—or, as we tend to say, pilgrimage. This … Continue reading

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Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City, 1900-1922

Yesterday my wife and I went to the Benaki Museum’s excellent exhibit, “Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City, 1900-1922.” It consists of a photographic exhibit and an accompanying documentary film. It’s directed and curated by Maria Iliou, who was … Continue reading

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