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News, Notes, and the Song of the Week

Happy Όχι day from Athens! New finds from the Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron. News from Jamestown (VA): the colony’s sizable church has been found. Some good news for Pompeii. Less so for Greece: on the crisis and the management of … Continue reading

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A Roza Eskenazi Tribute Concert in Greek, Turkish, and Ladino

Last Tuesday I went to a tribute concert for Roza Eskenazi at the Badminton Theater in Athens. Roza Eszkenazi was born to Sephardic Jewish parents as Sarah Skinazi in Constantinople sometime in the mid-1890s (the date is not certain). Her … Continue reading

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Kostas Roukounas, “The Crisis,” 1934

This song was written during difficult economic times in Greece in the 1930s. It speaks of everyday poverty, the (perceived) role of the political parties in creating the crisis, and the sense of helplessness most felt when they tried to … Continue reading

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Day Two of the General Strike in Greece (October 20): Notes and Photos

Today was the second day of the 48 hour general strike in Greece. Yesterday I made it to the center only after the violence had started. Today I decided to go early and observe the protests during their peaceful phase. … Continue reading

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Day One of the General Strike in Greece (October 19): Links and Photos

Today was the first day of a two day general strike in Greece. The protests are aimed squarely at the new round of austerity measures set to pass parliament tomorrow (details on these measures here). The labor-reserve pool and modifications to Greece’s … Continue reading

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On the Finnish Sauna

The sauna is integral to modern Finnish culture. It’s found everywhere, in all types of settlements (cities, villages, small towns, farmsteads), and all types of dwellings (homes, apartments, offices), and in sports clubs, health spas, hotels, prisons, and army barracks. … Continue reading

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The Oscar Broneer Papers and the Image of Corinth

On Friday, I was able to spend some time combing through the Oscar Broneer papers in the Archives of the Blegen Library. The School acquired it fairly recently (2-3 years ago), and it was previously stored in Elizabeth Gebhard’s home … Continue reading

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