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After Spring

On Thursday, my wife and I had the opportunity to see a screening of “After Spring,” a documentary about the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. The camp itself was opened in 2012 and has grown significantly since that time. Currently, … Continue reading

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The Collapse of the Greek Healthcare System

“Patients who should live are dying.” Perhaps there is no better way to summarize the effects of 7 years of unrelenting austerity than the above quote. The numbers: “Since 2009, per capita spending on public health has been cut by … Continue reading

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The inimitable luthier, Panayiotis Kafetzopoulos, now has a Facebook page, where he is posting photos and videos of his unique and beautiful instruments. I encourage you to take a look–these are really exceptional instruments. Here’s a preview, featuring a basobouzouki … Continue reading

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Millions against Trump

Yesterday millions of American citizens and others across the world came out to protest and resist the Trump regime–and every reprehensible thing it stands for. Even here in (tiny) Chico a sizable crowd turned up for our march, which was … Continue reading

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Trump Takes Power

A few hours ago a reprehensible man became the 45th President of the United States. This man openly mocked a disabled reporter; he claimed that John McCain was not a war hero because he had been captured in Vietnam; he … Continue reading

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Markos Vamvakaris Plays the Roads, 1969

Here’s a short YouTube recording of Markos Vamvakaris playing several of the roads that are commonly used in Greek music (esp. the rebetika). If you can’t read Greek, he’s playing the following: sabax, niavent, hitzaz, houzam, kourdi, peiraiotiko, rast, hitzazkiar, … Continue reading

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