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Στην Πλάκα που Επήγαινα

Fotis Vergopoulos (bouzouki, vocals), Demetris Maris (bouzouki), and Kostis Kostakis (kithara). Αυτά γίνονται στο ΕΦΗΜΕΡΟ, στα Εξάρχεια, 27 Δεκέμβρη του 2012. Στην Πλάκα που επήγαινα να πιω γλυκό κρασάκι με έμπλεξε στα δίχτυα του ενά μικρό κουκλάκι I went to … Continue reading

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On the Frontlines of the Refugee Crisis

If you would like to humanize the humanitarian crisis that’s happening right now in the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and the Aegean, watch this short documentary from the NYT. In it, you will be presented with a view of the … Continue reading

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On the Frontier of the EU

A good article that details the situation on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands: But the deal has also turned Greece’s eastern Aegean islands into holding centres. Those rescued by the Hellenic Coast Guard are shipped to the islands of Lesvos, Samos, … Continue reading

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Papazoglou, 1935, Kalogria (“Nun”). Βαρέθηκα τον κόσμο πιά, καλογριά θα γίνω, και απάνω σε ψηλό βουνό, μονάχη μου θα μείνω. I’m tired of this world, I’ll become a nun, and go up to a tall mountain, where I’ll live alone. … Continue reading

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Βραχνάς, Αθανασίου – Αίγινα, 1977

Aigina, 1977. Nikos Vraxnas and Thanasis Athanasiou–two old school rebetes, prepping for an album that never came to be. Enjoy and, please, appreciate the extraordinary uniqueness of this recording:    

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An Aerial Video of the Corinthia

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth has produced a wonderful video of the Corinthia’s antiquities from the air. Take a look:

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Yiovan Tsaous Tabouras

Here, Stavros Kourousis, author of From Tabouras to Bouzouki, plays one of Tsaous’ actual instruments–the larger tabouras (he also played a smaller tzouras). As Kourousis notes, Tsaous recorded Diamanto Alaniara, Blamissa, Se mia Mikroula, and Yelasmenos with this instrument. It sounds … Continue reading

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