Millions against Trump

Yesterday millions of American citizens and others across the world came out to protest and resist the Trump regime–and every reprehensible thing it stands for. Even here in (tiny) Chico a sizable crowd turned up for our march, which was one of the largest the town has ever seen. Indeed, crowds across the country far exceeded expectations, with some half million assembling in DC alone. This stands in contrast to Drumpf’s sparsely attended inauguration. Unless, of course, you exist in the imbecilic world of “alternative facts” or “#Spicerfacts”–really, the pathological lying of this regime is simply astounding. This type of shit can work if you’re an eccentric real estate mogul dwelling in a penthouse in Midtown–it’s not gonna cut it when you’re POTUS. These lies are so obviously false–so demonstrably false!–why even bother? Simple: the man is a pathetic narcissist, incapable of taking any sort of criticism whatsoever. His has to be the “biggest inauguration crowd in history.” Right. But it gets worse (as it will tend to day to day…). The imbecile-in-chief took it upon himself to ramble on incoherently about his ongoing war with the media while speaking to the CIA just yesterday, too. He also took the time to (again!) refer to himself in the third person, note how smart he his (did you know his uncle worked at MIT??), and reference the number of times he’d been on the cover of Time magazine. Oh, and we should have “kept Iraq’s oil.” And he did all of this while standing in front of a memorial to CIA personnel who have been killed in the line of duty. Seriously, what a slimy, selfish piece of shit. Thanks a bunch Trump voters.

All of this, among so many other reasons–all the horrid behavior, rooted in the fundamental emptiness of this man’s soul–is why outright resistance is so essential; why it is now essential to adopt an unyielding partisan stance against this horrid man and his regime for the entirety of his term in office; why it is essential to organize and devote time, money, and presence working against this stain on our nation for the next four years. And we saw the powerful beginning of this movement yesterday with the Women’s Marches. It was quite a thing to see–so many out on the streets making themselves heard. Trump’s election has quite clearly eviscerated the apathy of the Dem/liberal base, and his elevation to office has activated a section of the populace which, previously, might never have been so motivated to participate in such an event. I saw it happen among countless friends yesterday–people I’ve known for many years who have never before been overtly political are now so. I count myself among them. Hell, I’m one more idiotic Trumpian statement away from putting some bumper stickers on the car.




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