Rebetien and Solon Lekkas

Here’s a playlist of some really exceptional musicians who played together back in April at Peran in Athens. Fotis Vergopoulos leads with his inimitable bouzouki, Avgerini Gatsi provides her angelic voice, Kostis Kostakis lends his subtle yet essential pre-war kithara, while Yiannis Zarias’ violin captures the mood as only a violin can. But the star of the show is Solon Lekkas, a native of Lesvos, and one of the few remaining Greek vocalists who can sing proper amanedes (songs of lament). Here’s a documentary produced in Greece featuring Lekkas, though I would recommend simply listening to the playlist below — you simply must hear a proper amanes and only then will you recognize its potency, its purpose…..and then, well, if you were really listening, you might learn something. So, enjoy this playlist, for in our perilous times music can heal, unite, and teach us many things.

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One Response to Rebetien and Solon Lekkas

  1. palmosa says:

    Thank-you so very much for sharing all of your rich and beautiful music. Looking forward to what
    2017 brings!

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