News and Notes

Take a look at the Acropolis Restoration Service’s page and the virtual tour of the Acropolis.

Learn Greek in two weeks. Ideal for a study abroad course or the international traveler.

A blog devoted to Linear A and Linear B, with some transliterations of Linear B texts.

A collection of old bouzoukia (early twentieth century).

A drug rehab program in Thessaloniki – through ice hockey.

Meet the Evzones (Greece’s Presidential Guard).

On Greece’s privatization drive.

The saffron cooperative in Krokos (near Kozani) is making some of the world’s finest red saffron.

Greece has reached its latest deal with the troika to release the next tranche of aid; the deal involves laying off 15,000 public sector workers by the end of next year. The vote should come this week.

Over 120,000 professionals have left Greece since 2010 and New York is getting a new influx of Greeks.

Greece – A Failed “Populist” Democracy?

Kostas Vaxevanis talks about the lack of a free and independent press in Greece.

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