Into the Fire: A Documentary on Refugees and Migrants in Athens

I’ve just finished watching a new documentary on refugees and migrants in Athens. It’s well done. The producers use a range of interviews (with migrants and Greeks) and some clandestine video footage to illustrate the plight of refugees and migrants in crisis-ridden Athens. A major focus of the film is also the relationship between Chrysi Avgi and the Greek police, since it’s now quite clear that the former receive support from the latter. The producers also note that the Greek state refuses to admit there’s a (growing) problem here, and so nothing is being done (by the state) to stem the racist violence carried out by Chrysi Avgi. The last ten minutes of the documentary focus on the majority of Greeks who oppose Chrysi Avgi and the abuse of migrants in Greece, which is welcome since the international media don’t report on this often enough. A majority of Greeks oppose the use of violence against immigrants and Chrysi Avgi.

Take a look at Into the Fire’s webpage here.


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