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Evliya Celebi visited Mistras in September 1668. Here’s his description, from Diana Wright’s blog, Surprised by Time.

The BBC reports on widespread looting of Egyptian tombs and sites.

Greece’s major soccer clubs face insolvency, even AEK.

Athens has some swanky new wine bars around Syntagma.

Greece, Turkey, Cyprus + unresolved EEZ claims = no gas for anyone.

On Greece’s emerging tech startups, which show promise. They still face numerous hurdles though: excessive red tape, high taxation, lack of investors, and experienced business development personnel.

A documentary on Golden Dawn stirs controversy and an official response.

On Cyprus:

Cyprus has secured a bailout from the troika of lenders. Deposits under 100,000 will be secured, while those over that amount will be taxed at a rate to be determined in the coming weeks (perhaps as high as 40%). Laiki Bank will be dissolved, its good assets incorporated into a restructured Bank of Cyprus.

In Cyprus, the banking meltdown might lead to 5-10% GDP contraction, more than the troika estimated when it put together the bailout package. It’s possible, then, that the Bank of Cyprus could be insolvent within 12 months.

Cyprus has become the first EU country to impose capital controls, which are intended to prevent a vast outflow of euros from the country. See also the New Athenian.

The Cypriot reaction to the crisis: solidarity and self-reliance.

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