The Hellenic Relief Foundation

The Hellenic Relief Foundation has been operating for about a year (their first visit to Greece was in February 2012, it seems, for food delivery). The Foundation is focusing on health and nutritional needs. And, yes, in case you’re in any doubt, efforts like this are quite necessary now. From the group’s website, where donations are accepted:

“The HELLENIC RELIEF FOUNDATION, INC. was recently incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit philanthropic entity with a mission of providing  support  for the Greek population, suffering during the present economic crisis, by addressing needs in health and nutrition.

The Foundation is the initiative of Americans of Hellenic descent who wishes to address Greek needs in health and nutrition. This February, representatives of the Foundation will be visiting Greece, at their personal expense, to deliver packaged food supplies to families.   The foods supplied represent the classic Mediterranean diet and will be purchased locally from Greek producers. Packaging and distribution will be performed by volunteers assisting the Foundation in its mission. The recipients of the Hellenic-American community’s support, delivered through the Foundation, are identified through ongoing communication with persons and organizations presently engaged in charitable activities in Greece.

The HELLENIC RELIEF FOUNDATION, INC. is an independent entity and operates according to the laws of the State of New York. It is managed by a Board of Directors, who are members of the Hellenic-American community and do not represent the interests of any other organizations or institutions.The work of the Foundation is the product of volunteer effort, thus assuring that all contributions will be entirely devoted to its mission of relief.”

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