News and Notes

You should certainly read this cool story on the popularity of Turkish soap operas in Greece and some reactions to the phenomenon.

neat vignette of Ikaria, where people live a really, really long time.

Farmers are blocking roads throughout Greece to protest the recent austerity measures.

Greece now faces a humanitarian crisis, according to A. Politaki, and the austerity policies have caused it.

It seems pretty clear that the prosecution of Andreas Georgiou, head of ELSTAT, is politically motivated. Of note, this office was created as an independent entity only in 2010 (as a condition of the first bailout). Previously, it was not autonomous at all, suffered from regular political interference, and did not follow professional accounting standards. Professionals in his field overwhelmingly support him. Another (thorough) perspective here, which notes that this prosecution (and the false narrative surrounding it) are counterproductive and contradict the available evidence/data.

Metal theft is on the rise in Greece. Most of the scrap metal sold on the black market, where demand is high b/c of emerging markets in India, China and elsewhere.

Economic data on Greece: unemployment is now over 27% and the economy contracted by over 6% every quarter last year. 1/3 of the country may be living in poverty by the end of 2013 (defined as under 7,200 euros per year).

Meet Harry Theoharis, the man with the most difficult job in Greece: confronting tax evasion (mainly by the rich and self-employed) and reforming Greece’s antiquarian collection system.

Mark Mazower emphasized the need to take Golden Dawn more seriously as a threat to Greece’s political system and society. This incident is one reason why. Attacks like these are occurring regularly, perpetrated by a narrow but violent section of the population loyal to Golden Dawn’s agenda.

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