Mark Mazower on Political Extremes in Greece

For anyone who might be interested, prominent historian of modern Greece Mark Mazower will lecture on, “A New Age of Extremes? Historical Reflections on the Politics of the Present Crisis,” at noon on February 12 (EST) from Athens:

Gennadius Library Overseer and British historian Mark Mazower will lecture on the rise of political extremes in crisis-hit Greece, at Deree College in Athens. This event is sold out; however, a live videocast can be seen at 7 p.m. (Athens time) through Kathimerini’s website.

Alluding to the late Eric Hobsbawm’s study of the 20th century, The Age of Extremes, the lecture will ask whether we are living today in a new era of political extremism. It explores how the extreme right today, notably in Greece, compares with what historians tell us of interwar European fascism, and asks, too, what is the relationship between the revolutionary left of the past and today. Where should we look for causes of these phenomena in contemporary society and how far are those causes identical with the causes of the Age of Extremes that Hobsbawm wrote about? Is the notion of an Age of Extremes helpful or not for understanding what is going on today?

Mark Mazower is the Ira D.Wallach professor of history at Columbia University where he also directs the Heyman Center for the Humanities. He has written numerous books on the history of modern Greece and Europe, including Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews, 1430-1950 (2004), Hitler’s Europe (2008) and most recently, Governing the World: the History of an idea (2012). He comments on current affairs for the Financial Times, The Guardian and other newspapers and his reviews have appeared in such journals as The Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books and The Nation.”

Watch the lecture live here.

And check out his interview with Kathimerini here.

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