Anatolian Archaeology Month on the ASOR Blog

Last month ASOR featured a series of articles on the archaeology of Anatolia on its blog. You can check out the entire series here.

Some topics and highlights:

Anatolians in Mycenaean Greece: much has been written about the movement of Mycenaeans Greeks eastward, to western Anatolia, but less so about the reverse process. This post talks about the evidence related to Anatolians in Mycenaean Greece (though with a good deal of information about Hittite Anatolia first) and notes that the textual evidence we have indicates a variety of subservient roles for these migrants (unlike, say, Assyrian merchants living in the Hittite Empire).

The Archaeology of Warfare in Prehistoric Anatolia: ruminations on what we might learn from studying the evidence (such as it is) for warfare in central and southeast Anatolia from the Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age.

The Gordion Furniture Project: a look at the magnificent wooden furniture (8th century BC in date) found in the tumuli (burial mounds) surrounding ancient Gordion and the work done to conserve it.

And a post on the transformation of Myra (modern Demre), bishopric of Saint Nikolaos, into an Ottoman village. It’s mainly a traditional chronological overview, but the brief discussion of 19th century material remains in Demre is interesting.

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