Ross Daly on Boulgari

Ross Daly is a tremendously talented world musician. He can play numerous instruments and is an expert in the modal system (among other things). He lives on Crete today and has for decades. He operates a music school in the village of Houdetsi just south of Herakleio where he offers advanced music seminars on all manner of topics

This morning my Youtube feed gave me this great video, in which he’s playing one of his own songs, “Oi Amygdalies” (The Almond Trees) on a boulgari (which is similar to the saz). Take a look–it’s a great song from a great musician on a beautiful instrument:

“Ross Daly with bulgari constructed by Nikos Koukoulitakis plays his own song “Oi amygdalies” in (Sol-Do-Re) tuning. The instrument featured in this video is available for purchase at the Nikos Xilouris Shop – Museum of Greek Folk Instruments (Athens, Greece) and online at

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One Response to Ross Daly on Boulgari

  1. Hüseyin Çınar Öztürk says:

    Dear sir,

    The new additions on rebetiko to your blog are really great. By great I mean, kicks huge ass. I am teaching at CYA again, and I’ll make them mandatory reading before I (or we) take them to the headquarters.

    As for your late April-Early June trip, of course you can stay with us as long as you want, with two complications though: your room is now Deni’s painting studio, and Yağız’ old area is my music studio, and the old study area is now the living room with the couches and things. Would you mind using that new living room area as your bass? Apart from that a second complication might be the following, a high school buddy of mine and his wife are coming sometime in May for 10-15 days, and I had already promised them the couch. The details of their trip is not clear yet, though, and we can talk about that later.

    Also, Pavlos has a new female singer who plays the darbuka, and she’s not bad. Of course she’s not even remotely as angelic as Irini, but she’s ok.

    Funny thing: we had been paying the wrong electricity bill until now, so they cut our electricity yesterday. How awesome is that! See, our elderly landlady had a second apartment in the building, the bill of which was on her name. We were told to pay that one. And OUR bill was on the name of a certain Nikolaos Prinous , and of course nobody paid for that one. the total of 9 months consumption and the property tax is 900, and we have to pay it entirely, and then subtract the amount that we paid for the wrong bill and the property tax from the upcoming rents! WTF.

    Yağız has a 6 piece band now, with a French violonist too, you know? I’m forcing him to post some videos but they don’t have any yet.

    Brotherly hugs,


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