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Ross Daly on Boulgari

Ross Daly is a tremendously talented world musician. He can play numerous instruments and is an expert in the modal system (among other things). He lives on Crete today and has for decades. He operates a music school in the village … Continue reading

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Rebetika Rhythms

The two most common rhythms in rebetika are the compound 9/8 zeïbekiko and the 2/4 hasapiko. The 4/4 tsifteteli is also reasonably common. These are all dance rhythms, tied to specific dances. The zeïbekiko is an improvisational, solo male dance; the hasapiko is … Continue reading

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Images of Early 20th Century Greece

Below is a link to a collection of 59 photographs taken by Fred Boissonnas, a Swiss-born photographer. He focused on landscapes and everyday life in early 20th-century Greece. Take a look–they’re great work. Andritsaina, 1903

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