PKAP 2012 Underway

The 2012 PKAP season is underway now….and has been for some 3 weeks. But we haven’t had too much free time to blog. This season we’ve returned to Vigla, the Hellenistic component of the settlement (probably a garrison community dating to the late 4th and 3rd centuries, mainly). We have four active trenches right now, each with different goals. Two seek to clarify the nature and extent of the settlement on the plateau, and we’ve set them to the west of our older trenches. One is investigating a looter’s trench on the ridge of the plateau, while another is excavating a portion of the northern fortification wall, whose date and phasing have remained elusive so far. We have a group of 9 undergraduate volunteers, plus several staff members performing a variety of tasks (the norm).

Although we’ve spent most of our time in the field so far, we’re also doing some routine museum work and trying to stay on top of the incoming material.

The Larnaca District Museum’s off-site location, Terra Ombra. 

Our museum registrar, probably wondering why she volunteered for this job

Brandon Olson (Boston U), reading pottery with Jon Crowley (IUP)

Our incoming material is vastly outpacing our ability to process it. More on that later in a future post about the ongoing field work.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m jealous of those glass storage cabinets!

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