Recent News on the Greek Crisis

Some links to recent coverage:

The rise of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), a neo-nazi party. Polls suggest the party will cross the 3% threshold on May 6 and enter parliament for the first time.

The demise of the Greek professional basketball league, formerly one of the best in Europe.

All domestic track and field competitions have been suspended due to budget cuts.

Cypriot links to the Greek crisis, esp. its banking sector.

A former Greek MP and minister of defense has been arrested on money laundering charges. More arrests in the same case. We should be seeing many, many more cases like this one given the extent of corruption among Greece’s political class. But parliamentary immunity, coupled with a dysfunctional justice system, makes prosecuting crooked politicians very difficult.

5 years of recession and 21.8% unemployment. Industrial output continues to fall. The prognosticators are predicting that growth will return at the end of 2013.

The crisis and Greece’s endangered cultural heritage here and here. More cuts are on the way for the Ministry of Culture, which will only make things worse.

Access to healthcare is becoming problematic.

Stay tuned for elections on May 6, which seem certain to shake up the political landscape.

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