News, Notes, and the Song of the Week

Happy Όχι day from Athens!

New finds from the Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron.

News from Jamestown (VA): the colony’s sizable church has been found.

Some good news for Pompeii.

Less so for Greece: on the crisis and the management of the country’s cultural assets.

The end of academic asylum in Greece.

Mer-kozy and the banks have agreed to restructure Greek debt, recapitalize Europe’s bank, and expand the continent’s bailout fund.

But nothing in these calculations looks good for Greece in the medium term.

Song of the week: The Zeimbekiko of Evdokia by Manos Loïzos (from the movie, Evdokia, 1971)

I’m hitting the road Monday (with my lovely wife), so stay tuned for posts from northern Greece.

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3 Responses to News, Notes, and the Song of the Week

  1. In the 1990s, this zeimbekiko for Eudokia was like a national anthem among Greek and Greek-Americans. Not sure why. It was a bizarre assertion of populism or orientalist machismo. It seems ages ago that Greeks flaunted over-confidence of regional difference and a zeimbekiko aestheticism.

  2. Here’s someone you might find interesting. Giorgos Katsaros emigrated to the U.S. in 1915 and recorded some of the earliest rembetikos in the RCA factory in Camden, N.J. He played guitar rather than bouzouki, so it’s definitely a wild cultural mix of rembetiko and the blues.

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