Day One of the General Strike in Greece (October 19): Links and Photos

Today was the first day of a two day general strike in Greece. The protests are aimed squarely at the new round of austerity measures set to pass parliament tomorrow (details on these measures here). The labor-reserve pool and modifications to Greece’s collective bargaining laws are the most controversial elements in the legislation, though the additional wage and pension cuts and new taxes are opposed as well. I’ll have more to say on the strikes and crisis tomorrow. For now, here’s a bevy of links:

Athens News strike log/calendar.

General commentary on day one of Greece’s 48 hour strike from the BBC, NYT, Athens News, and NPR, Time, and CNN.

A live feed from Syntagma. And the Athens News live blog of the strikes.

Photos of day one of the strike here. (good for getting a sense of the crowds).

A thoughtful post on the nature of the strike culture in Greece.

A in-depth, multi-part story on Greece’s immigration crisis.

On tax evasion in Greece.

The new (middle class) homeless in Greece.

Greece as a failed state.

Suicides are up 20-25% in Greece since the crisis started.

On Greece’s bloated bureaucracy/public sector. (which discusses the core of the problem: the patronage system here)

Some (amateur) photos from today’s protests below. For a majority of the day, the protests were peaceful (but I arrived late and so have no photos of this). But young (male) protesters turned violent near the day’s end (which has become typical). The damage in the photos below is the result of their (ultimately misguided) actions. I hope to present a broader range of photos tomorrow.

Akadimias St. after the riots.

                                 Youths burned trash (and other items) during the riots

                                                More burning trash on Solonos St.

                    Kriezotou St. (between Akadimias and Panepistimiou). Several scooters                             were immolated and other property destroyed (below).

Many shops had their windows smashed by hooded youths (again), though these young men were often accosted by older Greeks in the vicinity (h/t to Matt Buell for this).

               The weapons of choice for the masked hoodlums: broken pieces of sidewalk, marble steps, stones, etc. (and molotov cocktails)

Syntagma Square, with smoke and tear gas rising in the distance. 

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