News and Notes

Some news and notes on a windy night in Athens:

On the work of Sherry Fox and the Wiener Lab at the ASCSA.

A new agreement between the Getty and Greece. And for some background on the Getty and its new CEO, see here and here.

An Archimedes’ Palimpsest at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Check out the manuscript here. The exhibit runs from October 16 – January 1.

Rembetika Hipsters from Canada. More on them later in the week.

Song of the week: Vassilis Tsitsanis, Arapines. He wrote this song during the Nazi occupation of Greece and recorded it shortly after the war. “Arapines” can be translated as “Dark-skinned women,” or, more generally, exotic eastern women, who tended to fit this racial description in some sense. The song uses the imaginative world of Arapines to speak to some of the finer things in life that were absent in occupied Greece. For the history of Nazi-occupied Greece, see M. Mazower’s excellent book, Inside Hitler’s Greece.

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