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The Greek Presidential Election, First Round

The governing coalition assembled 160 votes for its candidate, Stavros Dimas, well short of the necessary 200. Bloomberg has an overview. The second round will be held on Dec. 23 and the third – and final round – on Dec. … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Greek Presidential Election

It’s no fun to check my “Greek crisis” tag yet again for a blog post. I had hoped that the worst was over for the country, yet events to come may demonstrate that these hopes were mere wishful thinking on … Continue reading

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Hamid Khezri on Dotar

The dotar is a two-stringed Iranian instrument, part of the long-necked lute family. Its sound is somewhat similar to that of the Turkish saz, though it’s played in a very different way. Hamid Khezri “is renowned as a versatile musician … Continue reading

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Graffiti Art in Athens

Some nice pictures from The Guardian. Some of the descriptions/interpretations offered in the captions are quite vague, or clearly wrong, but nevertheless the pictures here of Athens’ vibrant graffiti art scene are well worth perusing. There’s even one of Loukanikos, … Continue reading

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Taxim Zeibekiko

Markos Vamvakaris, 1935. Here, his son, Stelios, plays the tune. Well worth listening to – this is perhaps the best taxim in the rebetika corpus. The taxim ends at 1:40 and then a traditional melody follows.

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Sherita is a NYC-based band that explores “the acoustic traditions of the Balkans and Near East.” I had the opportunity to see them play at Barbes, in Park Slope, when I lived in NYC. They’re really outstanding – in all … Continue reading

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On Vassilis Paleokostas

The BBC has an excellent long form story on Vassilis Paleokostas, Greece’s notorious “Robin Hood” figure. He’s escaped from Korydallos prison twice – by helicopter – and remains at large today, despite the sizable bounty placed on his head. Take … Continue reading

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